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_All (49) Auxiliary (18) Flying Scot (3) J/24 (1) Junior (3) Laser (4) MC Scow (1) Multi-Hull (1) Open (16) Portsmouth (1) Thistle (1)

Viewing 2014 _All Fleet Regatta/Race Results ordered by Description
Year Fleet    Description    Type Posted
2014Auxiliary  1064 High PHRF  htm  htmRandy Phillips2/1/2014
2014Auxiliary  1064 High PHRF  htm  htmRandy Phillips12/1/2014
2014Auxiliary  1064 High PHRF  htm  htmRandy Phillips12/1/2014
2014Auxiliary  1064 Low PHRF  htm  htmRandy Phillips2/1/2014
2014Auxiliary  1064 Low PHRF  htm  htmRandy Phillips12/1/2014
2014Auxiliary  1064 Sportboat  htm  htmRandy Phillips12/1/2014
2014Auxiliary  1064 Sportboat  htm  htmRandy Phillips2/1/2014
2014Open  2014 Annual Awards List  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier2/1/2015
2014Open  2014 Commodores Cup Portsmouth PHRF  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier9/1/2014
2014Open  2014 Fire Cracker PHRF Portsmouth  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier7/15/2014
2014Open  2014 Governors Cup - PHRF  htm  htmJonathan Stewart4/13/2014
2014Open  2014 Governors Cup - Portmouth  htm  htmJonathan Stewart4/14/2014
2014J/24  2014 J24 Atlanta Cup Results  pdf  pdfMike Krantz3/23/2014
2014Junior  2014 Jr Reggae Regatta  xls  xlsMartine Zurinskas6/16/2014
2014Laser  2014 Laser Frostbite Final Results  xls  xlsRobert Burke3/8/2014
2014Laser  2014 Laser Georgia State Championship  xls  xlsRobert Burke10/18/2014
2014Laser  2014 Laser Southern Regatta  xls  xlsRobert Burke3/8/2014
2014Laser  2014 LLSC Laser Georgia State Championships  xls  xlsRobert Burke10/18/2014
2014Open  2014 No More Left Overs Regatta  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier11/29/2014
2014Flying Scot  2014 Scot-a-Hoochee  xlsx  xlsxScott Adams9/16/2014
2014Flying Scot  2014 Scot-A-Hootchie Regatta  pdf  pdfMike Krantz9/14/2014
2014Thistle  2014 Thistle Fleet Racing Results  xlsx  xlsxReid Collins11/12/2014
2014Portsmouth  2014 Thursday Night Portsmouth Series  pdf  pdfMike Krantz8/29/2014
2014Multi-Hull  Cinco De Mayo Regatta 2014  pdf  pdfMike Krantz5/6/2014
2014Open  Halloween 2014 Adult Courses  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier10/26/2014
2014Junior  Halloween 2014 Junior Course  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier10/26/2014
2014Junior  Jr Opti Firecracker Results  xlsx  xlsxMartine Zurinskas7/7/2014
2014MC Scow  MC Scow 2014 Fleet Racing Results  xlsx  xlsxStefan Schulze12/23/2014
2014Auxiliary  PHRF Championships  htm  htmRandy Phillips3/29/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta Flying Scot  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta Melges 24  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta Multihull  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta PHRF Cruiser  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta PHRF High  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta PHRF Low  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta PHRF Mid  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Reggae Regatta Portsmouth  htm  htmJonathan Stewart6/15/2014
2014Open  Small Boat Long Distance Race 2014  xlsx  xlsxWarren Collier11/8/2014
2014Flying Scot  Spring 2014 Scot Fleet Racing  xlsx  xlsxScott Adams7/14/2014
2014Auxiliary  Spring, Summer, Fall and Overall Aux. Fleet Series  xlsx  xlsxRandy Phillips12/10/2014
2014Auxiliary  WEDNESDAY NIGHT ENCORE SERIES CRUISER & NON-SPIN  htm  htmRandy Phillips10/23/2014
2014Auxiliary  WEDNESDAY NIGHT ENCORE SERIES SPIN HIGH  htm  htmRandy Phillips10/23/2014
2014Auxiliary  WEDNESDAY NIGHT ENCORE SERIES SPIN LOW  htm  htmRandy Phillips10/23/2014
2014Auxiliary  WEDNESDAY NIGHT ENCORE SERIES SPORTBOAT  htm  htmRandy Phillips10/23/2014
2014Auxiliary  Whitecapper Cruiser  htm  htmRandy Phillips11/8/2014
2014Auxiliary  Whitecapper High Spin  htm  htmRandy Phillips11/8/2014
2014Auxiliary  Whitecapper Low Spin  htm  htmRandy Phillips11/8/2014
2014Auxiliary  Whitecapper Perpetual Trophy  xlsx  xlsxRandy Phillips11/8/2014
2014Auxiliary  Whitecapper Sportboat  htm  htmRandy Phillips11/8/2014