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There are currently 1067 Sailors on our Site.
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This page is a Google Calendar rendering of the LLSC Event Schedule database. The information shown is generated by subscriptions to three iCalendar data feeds generated from that database each day. The feeds are available to everyone, currently in "Beta testing". Please contact the Webmaster for guidance if you would like help using them or would be interested in having additional feeds.

For example, you can integrate feeds this directly with your iPhone or Android calendar applications, it also integrates well with Microsoft Office after 2007, as well as web-based services (currently tested with Google, Hotmail/ and Yahoo!). Any application that supports subscriptions using the standard iCalendar file format should work fine, these are just what we've tested with. More below the calendar.

More information

We currently maintain 5 feeds:

  • LLSC Club events, racing/regattas/social, all "fleets" except Juniors. Feed:
  • LLSC Club events, racing/regattas/social, ONLY the Juniors fleet. Feed:
  • LLSC Club events, racing/regattas/social, INCLUDING the Juniors fleet. Feed:
  • Lake Lanier "other clubs" racing events. Feed:
  • ALL events in our database. Feed:

You can subscribe to one feed or multiple. This calendar presentation uses three of the feeds: llsc-notjuniors (  red  ), llsc-onlyjuniors (  green  ) and and notllsc-all (  gray  ). "All-day" events are color backgrounds with white text, specifically-scheduled items are colored text.

Phases of the Moon and US Holidays (both also  gray  ) are provided by the Google Calendar application, use the pulldown at the upper-right corner of the display to see this. You can also use that pulldown to filter your view, eliminating calendars you are not interested in.

Due to the way Google Calendar gets changes, there may a be a delay making a raw data update and seeing it here. The traditional view is updated instantly. Your personal application may vary.

Because it is a feed subscription (rather than an "import"), this is not static and it ties to our "normal" calendar, so things like registration forms and such are available. Clickable URLs in description data appears under "more details" links on individual entries.

The week begins on Monday so that weekend listings do not wrap-around.

The feed-based calendar data covers "this year", "last year" and "next year".